life lately

I've basically been MIA since about December for the silliest of reasons - fear. I posted about this on my social media accounts a couple of weeks ago, but basically, life wasn't exactly what Nathan and I had imagined or planned throughout this four month time period and I was afraid to share that. Silly, … Continue reading life lately


our wedding- part five

Dress, Hair, Make Up & Jewelry There is one thing I want to stress on this post - It is o k a y if you do not find your dream dress on your first appointment! That first, second, or maybe even third failed appointment DOES NOT define your beauty, worth or ability to get married! Don't allow the … Continue reading our wedding- part five

the desire for “taller”

If you find a man who loves you like Christ loves the church, why should height matter? If he continually washes you with the word to make you holy with the desire to one day present you to the Lord without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, does his stature matter? If he is seeking after Christ for your heart, do you turn away because he simply doesn't meet you're "height requirements"?

our wedding- premarital

Premarital Counseling You're probably wondering where the post that is supposed to be up about flowers, decorations and cake is, right? Well, while writing that post this morning, I realized┬áthat I completely left out the most important part of your engagement and an essential part to starting a healthy marriage- Premarital counseling. My desire for … Continue reading our wedding- premarital