our wedding- part six

This is my FINAL post in this series of six, detailing all that made May 27, 2016 the greatest day of my life! And what better way to end this series than to share with y’all the person(s) who helped create tangible memories of that day – Cortney Dani Photography!

Once Nathan and I got engaged and started making our “wish list”, we realized two things that we wanted the most was videography/photography and for whoever we decided on, to also love Jesus. After searching for about a month and a half for that videographer, we could not find anyone who was as good as we desired that didn’t come with at least a $3,000 price tag. Knowing that, we started praying for a photographer who could make up in pictures what we would lack in video and also share the love of Jesus alongside us – if even remotely possible.

But, y’all, we actually found that. And I seriously cannot say enough about Cortney Hostin. She is the most amazing photographer and quickly became a friend. When Nathan and I started out on our engagement journey, we were gifted an engagement session with Cortney by N’s parents. Going into this session, we were both nervous about how the pictures would turn out, because, if we’re going to be honest, Nathan and I are t e r r i b l e at being serious and are pretty great at being awkward. Not ashamed of that. But once we got to the random park off grapevine lake that Cortney chose and we started taking pictures, we soon discovered that she was just as silly as us and made the shoot SO MUCH FUN! Those serious pictures we were worried about? She made us feel totally comfortable and gave us specific direction to make those pictures reflect the serious love (is that even a thing…?) we felt for each other.

View More: http://cortneydani.pass.us/nathan-reaganView More: http://cortneydani.pass.us/nathan-reaganView More: http://cortneydani.pass.us/nathan-reagan

We left that engagement session with the warm fuzzies for Cortney, but still not sure if her prices would be affordable enough for us to use her. Later that day she sent us her different package pricing – which you can find here – and we were surprised by how affordable she was! Being a silly worrier, I still couldn’t commit to booking her because I was nervous about this putting us over our desired wedding budget of under $10,000. After about three looooong weeks of contemplating and receiving our amazing engagements, I knew she was someone we could not pass up!

Shortly after booking her tentatively for the silver package, we set a date to meet and make it official! Fun story time – so, you know how planning a wedding in about five months and working and taking classes can make sleep a little difficult? Yeah. I slept past our allotted meeting time and didn’t even realize it until TWO HOURS after the fact. You can go ahead and laugh. Thankfully, Cortney was all laughs and we set up another Starbucks time once she was back from vacation. Reason #598 why you should book her – she makes even your stupid moments laughable.
If you go check out Cortneys wedding packages, you’ll see that it includes full day wedding coverage as well as either an engagement shoot OR bridals. Up until about two days before the rescheduled meeting, I had decided that I didn’t need bridals since there would undoubtedly be pictures of just me taken on our wedding day. However, while talking to mom and Sutton, I began freaking out because they both took bridals and it was a special something that I really didn’t want to miss out on. So, when I met with Cortney a couple of days later, she worked out a package for me to where I could have a mini session of bridals included and we took those two weeks after that meeting and less than a month before our wedding! She seriously gets pictures back so fast…

Just like with our engagements, I let her pick the spot and, let me tell you, it did not disappoint! We (including my little sister/mom/brother tag alongs) were in and out of that spot within twenty minutes. Twenty minutes, y’all. AND the spot she chose? It was right by an overpass outside of Roanoke by a police station. She’s so good, she can take those pictures in the most obscure paces and they turn out freaking amazing. Not to mention the fact that we were facing a 90% chance of thunderstorms that whole day – praise Jesus for no rain – and there were some pretty angry-looking clouds throughout the whole session.View More: http://cortneydani.pass.us/reagan-bridalsView More: http://cortneydani.pass.us/reagan-bridalsView More: http://cortneydani.pass.us/reagan-bridalsReagan Proofs-0008.jpg

I mean, come on. You got janky clouds, some big ol’ eye bags from about 20 minutes worth of tears and a random pond in between the police station and an overpass and she STILL somehow made me look good! She’s a miracle worker, guys. I got the bridals back within the week and had them blown up on a canvas all in time for the wedding!

Fast forward to the week of our wedding and I could not have been more thankful for Cortney. That week we battled a 100% chance of rain on our wedding day and she was praying right alongside me. I had no clue how to create a wedding day timeline? That amazing lady sent me a timeline to work off of. Zero idea of what specific pictures I wanted for the day of the wedding? She made suggestions and my response was “sounds great!”. I didn’t know what to use as a photobooth background? She brought a surprise banner that had our wedding hashtag on it! No joke, on the day of our wedding Cortney was feeling sick but still came, took pictures from noon to ten o’ clock that night and as soon as we made our exit, she puked right there on the gravel. Do you know anyone that would battle a stomach bug all day to photograph your outdoor wedding while it’s in the mid 80’s, running from place to place to get the perfect picture? I do. Her name is Cortney Hostin and you’d be stupid to choose any other photographer but her.

Since our wedding pictures came out (THREE WEEKS after our wedding?!?!?!) I’ve had multiple people contact me about my most favorite photographer and a few book her. Let me tell you, she’s just as fun as a photographer as she is a wedding guest. Have you seen another photographer bust a move on the dance floor while taking pictures? This girl has. Take a guess as to who that was.
Y’all, I have cried twice while writing this and looking at all of our pictures over again. I could not be more thankful for the experience I had with Cortney or the friend I have gained in her. If you are looking for someone who will worship Jesus right alongside you, walk you through your engagement and wedding day and provide the most beautiful pictures in the process – Cortney’s your girl. Go contact her.

Enjoy some of the beautiful pictures, shot by the best photographer, of the greatest day of my life!

(you can check out over 1,000 more if you head here!)

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