our wedding- part five

Dress, Hair, Make Up & Jewelry

There is one thing I want to stress on this post – It is o k a y if you do not find your dream dress on your first appointment! That first, second, or maybe even third failed appointment DOES NOT define your beauty, worth or ability to get married! Don’t allow the enemy to steal your joy in this process! Believe me when I say that the moment you find your dress, the failed appointments will seem more than worth it!


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My dress was everything I didn’t know I was dreaming of and more. Once N & I got engaged, I immediately hopped on Pinterest and pinned every flowy, capped sleeved, lacy dress I could find. Y’all, I seriously spent multiple hours each day pinning and budgeting for the most perfect dress.
When it came to how much I was willing to pay, I decided that I was going to spend as little as possible because, after all, I was only going to wear it once. If there’s any piece of advice I can give a bride shopping for her dream dress, it is to go in with an open mind, without expectations and know that it is okay if you don’t find the dress on your first try. That sounds crazy, right? I mean, you’ve spent so much time researching and finding your perfect dress, all you really need to do is go try it on for good measure and that’s all, right? Wrong.
My very first dress appointment was at David’s Bridal and I went in knowing exactly what I wanted with no room in my mind (or heart) for any other dress. Unfortunately, after trying on about five of the dresses I previously though would be “the one’s”, I was feeling so ugly and at a total loss. Those dresses I “knew” would look great on my did NOT look anywhere remotely close to good on me… To say I was holding back sobs is an understatement. *I also felt really unsure about the whole getting practically naked with some lady in a dressing room…*
Near the end of my hour-long appointment, my sister, Keaton, decided to take my dress fate into her own hands and had the lady pull mermaid dresses. I absolutely despised mermaid dresses, y’all. They were too tight and way too poofy for this girl. Not to mention the fact that I was dead-set on hiding my pin-up girl figure. But, to my surprise, the first mermaid dress I tried on I liked a whole lot more than every flowy dress I had previously tried on! I liked it so much more than every other dress that I was ready to buy that overpriced dress because the thought of leaving my first appointment without a dress absolutely terrified me! Mom ended up talking me out of that dress, I left totally defeated and, for the sake of being honest, totally sobbed on Nathans shoulder once I got home.

That night was the first time I realized that I had allowed our engagement and upcoming marriage to be more about the event and the dress and the hooplah than about Jesus. I felt so convicted. I allowed my ego and selfish desires to convince me that it took the most perfect dress to make May 27, 2016 and my marriage a success. What a lie from the enemy!

About a week after that initial appointment at David’s Bridal, a family friend told us about this upscale pageant/wedding dress store in Dallas called Terry Costa and we went a few days later. I was not expecting very much from this trip because I assumed all the dresses would be grossly over budget and too frufru for me, but before we walked in the store, mom, Keaton and I held hands while mom prayed over my future dress and for Jesus to guide us throughout the appointment. As silly or over dramatic as that may sound to some of you, I could not recommend it more. The peace that came over me in that moment was so relieving. As soon as we walked into Terry Costa, we were taken straight to the wedding dresses (which were all sample sizes) started picking and throwing them into a dressing room! I kid you not, the VERY FIRST dress I tried on that day was my wedding dress. My biggest requirement for my wedding dress was that it drug the floor because I had never had a dress that actually fit me length wise as a result of my 15 story legs – this dress was so long and, y’all… it had the most BEAUTIFUL train… I didn’t even know I wanted a train?! Lace was one thing I knew I wanted from the get go, and this dress has such a beautiful lace design that went from neckline to hem. My initial desire of having sleeves on my dress totally went away once I saw how the sweetheart neckline fit me so well – it gave homegirl the boobs I had always wanted! The dress needed no alterations as a result of it fitting me absolutely perfectly AND it was over 40% off the actual cost of this designer dress! We like to say that Jesus made that dress specifically for me while we were praying in the car.

I found my dress about a month after we got engaged which meant I had about four months to walk around my room and dream about the day I would finally get to wear it as Nathan’s bride. Because I had four months to just stare at it, I also had four months to put it on whenever I wanted, which led to the one change I made in the dress. I realized that the bottom was just too fluffy for me, so my sweet now mother-in-law took almost all of the tulle out of the bottom of my dress. On the day of our wedding, I couldn’t have been more comfortable or felt more beautiful!


When we first got engaged, I assumed that when it came to finding N & the groomsmen’s suit’s, we would just hit up Mens Warehouse and call it good.
No. Not at all.View More: http://cortneydani.pass.us/nathan-reagan

We got to Men’s Warehouse and every suit was still a ridiuclous amount and we had to buy the shoes, tie and undershirt with the suit in order to get the “good deal” they were advertising. I like to save my money, so there was no way that was going to fly. Once we settled on a color for N’s suit (navy blue) and decided what we’d want the groomsmen in (navy pants, suspenders & white button up) I decided to online shop. When it comes to suits – like wedding dresses – you can’t just buy online, you have to go try on. So, one day while Nathan was home for the weekend, we decided to check out Macy’s since I knew they always had deals going on. Long story short, we went in to try on and look at prices, we came out with a full, designer suit that should have cost $500 but we only paid $73… I’m being dead serious… Because we found a killer coupon, three of the groomsmen got thei pants from Macy’s as well and the other three found their’s elsewhere. The suspenders and bowties were from etsy and, personally, my favorite part of the outfit!
Moral of the story: check out a few places before settling on the too expensive.


Like the rest of our wedding, I did not go all out and spend a ridiculous amount of money to achieve what I desired. About a month into our engagement, I started brainstorming hair and makeup ideas with my cosmetologist/esthetician sister, Keaton, and after a couple of practices, we had a pretty good idea of what we were going to do! About the same time we figured out what my hair, I found out that the sweet wife of my then boss was a cosmetologist who specialized in hair! I knew I didn’t want Keaton having to do both my hair and makeup while also being my maid of honor on our wedding day, so I decided to use Jenn – SUCH a great decision!!! She is amazing, affordable and is so much fun to just hang out with while getting your hair did! Jenn and I had only practiced once before the day of the wedding, which was all that was needed. On the day of, she met me at my house with everything needed to do my hair at 9:00 in the morning and got it done within an hour! Jenn is seriously one of my most favorite people who loves Jesus and is as genuine as they come. If you are looking for a person to do your hair whether it be for your wedding or just cut & color, email Jenn at jenncooley@yahoo.com and check her availability!

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For my makeup, I went really simple and natural. I had eyelash extensions from the time we got engaged through our wedding and, no joke, fell i n l o v e… If you can afford them, I could not recommend them enough! Keaton is amazing at what she does, so I had no doubt that my face would come out looking better than usual, while still forgoing the caked-on look. I went the whole day without any makeup on (check out my last post to see how I achieved perfect skin on our wedding day!) and about two hours before I walked down the aisle, Keaton did my face which took a grand total of fifteen minutes! I am so thankful for both Jenn and Keaton because they allowed for extra time to be spent with my family and to just enjoy my wedding day. If you are a relatively simple person when it comes to hair and makeup – like I am – I would highly recommend not trying to overdo yourself on your wedding day. It will add extra stress and worry when you should be enjoying your wedding day!

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I have never been a super big jewelry person. The extent of my everyday jewelry would be a necklace, watch, the same two sets of studded pear and diamond earrings I’ve had for about a year, and one (sometimes three) rings. I have just recently begun enjoying bracelets – well, one bracelet, really. When it came to what jewelry I was going to wear on the day of the wedding, I honestly didn’t plan on anything. I had decided to keep the same earrings in, (obviously) wear my engagement ring and just wear no necklace since I didn’t have one that matched my dress and it wasn’t a huge deal to me. Little did I know that mom & David had other plans…

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I couldn’t stop looking at myself because I felt SO beautiful! It’s the only time being obsessed with the way you look is acceptable;)

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I was IN LOVE with the necklace and earrings!
The Kendra Scott setting is the Halden earrings. The stone on the dangling part is white pearl, while the stud part is clear crystal. I loved the white pearl stone because, while it was cloudy like a pearl, it also had a sparkly aspect to it which made it match the beading on the neckline of my dress perfectly!

Right after mom helped me into my dress, David presented me with a matching set of Kendra Scott earrings and necklace! David didn’t like any of the necklace settings individually, so he decided to have them make a necklace out of the earring setting. I kid you not, they matched perfectly with the dress and they were so much fun to wear! I absolutely LOVE them and wear them all the time! They totally topped off my look and made me feel ten times more beautiful!


The next post – which will be the last for the “our wedding” series – will feature the most amazing photographer! This last post is the one I am most excited for, so be on the lookout! Email or message me for questions!


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