our wedding- part four

Hair & Face Routine

When it came to preparing my face and hair for our wedding, I only had about five months, shorter hair than I cared for and some really janky acne. If any of that describes you, read on and I will share my hair and face routine to prepare for our big day!


If I’m going to be honest here, I had a major sob-inducing-haircut freak out about a month after we got engaged. It was simply too short for my liking and I was convinced that it was not going to grow as long as I would like in time for our wedding. I straight up called Nathan sobbing about how ugly I was going to look come May 27th (dramatic, I know) and he had to hardcore pray and speak Song of Solomon 4:7 over me until I stopped crying. All of that to preface how I began my frantic google searches over “magical hair growth pills”. Some of y’all may already know this, but Hair, Skin & Nails by Nature’s Bounty is, in fact, magical. No joke, my hair grew three inches from the beginning of february until May.

See, magical.

In order to keep that newly grown hair somewhat thick (I have ridiculously thin and fine hair), I stopped washing it every day and began using Dry Shampoo – my favorites are Not Your Mother’s and Dove which can both be found at walmart or amazon) every day and washing it every two to three days. By no means do I have hair that is envious, but if you’re like me and have thin, fine, straight and limp hair, these tricks are a lifesaver!


The week I turned 20 – literally the week of – I got hit with acne like I had never experienced before. Not just a couple zits every week, but upwards of 10. Blackheads, white heads, cystic, long-lasting zits. Naturally, I majorly freaked like any 20 year old girl would do, but the fix wasn’t as simple as getting some drug store face wash or acne treatment like a lot of people do. You see, I have a dry skin “disease” called Icthyosis that makes my skin perpetually dry and sensitive. While most of my body has very little oil, my face has somehow managed to be totally dry with an excessive amount of oil at the same time. I know, it makes no sense. Because of this, drugstore products were too harsh and would cause me to peel, turn as red as a tomato and break me out in a super attractive rash frequently. Luckily, I didn’t have to resort to the drugstore because my mom had just started selling some face stuff for a company called Rodan & Fields and I got to benefit from that! I initially started with the Unblemish regimen, but couldn’t use it much or for very long as my skin was too sensitive for it. After about six months, I decided to mix some different R + F products to see if those results were better – boy, were they!
I started using the Daily Cleansing Mask from the Redefine regime every morning (or nights, depending on how busy the day was) and the Dual Intensive Acne Treatment and Clarifying Toner from the Unblemish regime (neither of which are too harsh for my sensitive skin). I cannot even begin to tell you the difference it made! By February the zits were popping up less frequently and the week of our wedding I maybe had one – ONE – zit! On the day of, I didn’t put any form of make up on until Keaton did my makeup for the ceremony!
Y’all, I felt so confident, so beautiful and all it took was washing my face and sticking some toner on it every day! And if I’m being honest, there were even days where I forgot, but it still worked!
One thing I had to realize was that Rodan and Fields can’t cure hormonal acne. So all those times I got unreasonably stressed or when I started taking or changed my birth control, I would get a few zits, but this routine has helped and is still helping me keep them at bay.
I originally became a consultant for R+F in August of 2015 but didn’t take it seriously or feel the need to try to sell it, but because of what it did for my skin and how it resulted in me feeling so beautiful on my wedding day, I decided it was time to take it seriously and give it another try! So, if you are looking to free yourself from acne, the aging process or even to prevent the aging process, talk to me! I have found some amazing products that truly work and have made me feel so beautiful!

If you’ve got any interest in seeing what products would benefit you, head on to my website and take the solution tool quiz: https://reagangarrett.myrandf.com/Pages/OurProducts/GetAdvice/SolutionsTool




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